Pirate Tuesday

I've always been fascinated with the styles and architecture of the Medieval Times. Pirate Tuesday started for me as a method of dressing up vs. dressing down. I had gotten into a slump, dressing in sweats and a t-shirt every day. Then I actually took it another step backward and started Pajama Tuesday. I started thinking, is this it. Is this what it’s all come to? While a small few would question my dressing down, most not only accepted it but expected it. I was even told, my dress down style was me. Well great.

Then while watching a pirate series on TV, I noticed that the only real difference between the everyday look of a pirate and the common folk was a couple of accessories. It was as simple as tucking in your shirt and wearing a wide belt. Then add a hat, a bandana, or both and you’re dressing up, but with a twist.

So what is it about a wide belt? First, a wide belt can help you look trimmer, but it’s more than that. A wide belt is a work belt, a utility belt. It’s part of a uniform. We often hear the term, I love the look of a man or a woman in uniform. Tucking in your pants and adding a belt makes a surprising, yet obvious difference. The wrong belt though may not be flattering. This is where you need to experiment. Adding the additional accessories is what turns your look into a uniformed look. and I'm not talking uniformed, as identical inconsistent. I’m as in a man or a woman in uniform, as in the military or a professional. Once again like other age-old terms, like Dress for Success, and Dress to Impress, suggesting that we should dress up professionally. Personally, I hope this trend will catch on, I'm a bit tired of the dressed-down, boring and casual look of the times.

So, Pirate Tuesday, I invite you, maybe even challenge you, to tuck in your shirt, put on a belt, and join us.

Whether ye be a Pirate or a Dandy, a Lady or a Wench, I invite you. You will find a lot of videos on YouTube talking about how to dress like a pirate, and you will find lots of photos from not only regular people but from shows like Black Sails and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Don't get overwhelmed, often a simple accessory is all you need to look like a 1800s Medieval Pirate, you may want a Sash, Belt, or Bandana, you may want a Blousy Shirt, additional accessories could include shoes, belts, and hats. There are no hard and fast rules, even in the movies, everyone doesn't always dress alike, but remember to keep your outfits tasteful and within our school’s Dress Code. To dress up, you don't have to look like you're going to a parade. You don't have to be in full dress uniform. Myself, I prefer a casual every day working pirate and save the full dress for special occasions.

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