Spicy boiled chicken

I think I finally figured out a way to pre-cook chicken for the week where I actually will enjoy eating it. I eat all my leftovers cold. My portions are normally 100 grams per meal.

In a large cast-iron frying pan, I add a bottle of green salsa and a bottle of red salsa. I like the medium heat salsas.

I turn the heat on high and start cutting up boneless skinless chicken breasts into finger size eating chunks. I drop each chunk into the salsa as I go. If the salsa comes to a boil before I'm done cutting up the chicken, I turn the heat down to medium.

Once all the chicken is in the pot, I put on the lid and set a timer for 20 minutes.

Every now and then I stir the pot.

When the timer goes off, I stir the pot one last time, I put the cover back on, and turn off the heat.

Now I'm going to let it sit and rest for 20 minutes.

Once it's cooled down I can take out 100 grams to eat and put the rest into containers to put in the refrigerator.

The secret here to having it still good enough to eat days later is to put all the juice into the containers with the chicken. Pretend it's soup.

You might enjoy the broth, if not just pick out the chicken. I find my first batch of spicy broth a bit too spicy, but I often reuse the broth to cook my next batch of boiled chicken, at which point the broth is more enjoyable.


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