My Google Music Assistant

It's funny when you hear people say Google is Listening, like it's a bad thing, especially when in almost the same breath, they tell you how unhappy they are about what their phone will not do. First, just to clarify things a little bit, Google's not listening, your Assistant is listening, that's what you pay her for.

OK, well you don't actually pay her, but you bought your phone, your paying for service, and even though you're not paying your Assistant directly, it's an expense that you have chosen to pay, due to the services your phone will provide.

I expect mine to listen to all the music that I'm listening to, so that at the end of the day, or at the end of the week, the end of the month, the end of the year, you get it, she can show me what music I've heard, and help me find the song I'm looking for.

I'm in control of my phone just as you are in control of your phone. There are settings that will allow you to select what you want your phone to do.

When I'm driving down the road in my truck, or at work, in the mall, or grocery store, and I hear a song and I wonder what's the name of that song, who wrote that song. If I really care I can take a quick glance at my phone to see if she's listening.

If I see that she is, then I can just continue on my way doing whatever it is that I want to be doing. But if I see that she's not I can simply ask her. What's the name of this song, and once she has identified the song I can once again continue doing whatever it is I was doing. Because now I can look again later when I get home.

I can also put the Now Playing History icon on one of my home screens so that I can easily access it later.

From now playing history I can scroll back as far as it goes, mine goes back a few years. Also, note in point, I have the Google Pixel 2 from Google Fi if you don't have a Pixel you may not find the app settings for Now Playing.

Which brings to mind why I buy my phones directly from Google. I don't want any of the crap wear from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, whoever, or T-Mobile. I buy the latest Pixel every two or three years, because I want to not because I need to.

I also want Vanilla Android, not the version that comes from Samsung or somebody else with all the little sprinkles on it. 

I still use most of my old phones (wi-fi only) around the house, they do the same thing as a standalone Google or Amazon assistant, but they also include a screen so I can pick one up and use it while my phone is charging.

Anyway back to Now Playing History, when you get home, or anytime actually you can tap one of the songs you see in your now playing history.

And you can find it online, listen to it again, or whatever.


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