Leather Harness for powertools

We are building a second cow barn at the High School, and there is cow poop everywhere.

A couple summers ago, I dropped my impact driver in the river. The next morning it was dead. This morning, I almost lost the new one in a cow patty. It bounced twice and somehow missed, I'm surprised it survived.

This afternoon I made a harness, for next weekend. It was a simple project using a scrap of soft leather that wasn't big enough for much of anything until this project came around. I save all my scraps. They will all be useful someday.

I wanted it to fit tight, be out of the way, and feel comfortable. It's a tool, it will be dropped, used with dirty hands, and be exposed to weather, so I did not spend unnecessary time on looks. The grommets and extra stitching are for strength and durability.

If anyone looked at this scrap before I made this harness, they probably would have wondered why I was saving it. Half of the thread that I used was also scrap.


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