Leather Billfold

Once Upon a Time, I would have looked for or made an all-in-one wallet. Now I've gone the other way. First I got tired of my wallet being on display every time my phone was on my desk, so I made a simple cellphone wrap, and a separate digital wallet for my credit cards and drivers' license.

I almost never carry cash, but on the days I choose to, I want a safe place to put it. I don't want to have to worry that when I pull out my cellphone or keys, that I may litter the floor with tens, and twenties, or even ones, and fives. My goal here as always is to keep it simple. I also love the rustic look, and I don't want anyone to think that I would go to a store to buy a leather product I could make, or that I would cut a chunk from a full side for a small item like a billfold.

As you can see, this scrap looks a bit rough. For one thing, the bottom is not straight.

And, the ends are almost pointed. So I said to myself. How can I make this work?

And I said, this is a Billfold, there will be bills in it, and it needs to be easy to put them in, and take them out. I'm not trying to hide what it is, I'm trying to keep them grouped together.

I want it soft and flexible, I want it to fold. I want a strong stitch. I started the stitch on one end, left a long tail on the inside, went all the way to the other end, and then came back.

When I had two tails on the inside I tied a knot.

Then I trimmed the ends.

I'm very happy with the way this project came out.

I'm also happy to share that, I did not make a single cut to the leather scrap to make this billfold.


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