Digital Credit Card Wallet - okay yeah it's leather

After making my Leather Phone Case I wanted a small Leather Wallet to go with it.

My goals for this wallet were simply to keep it small, simple, and yet big enough for all the cards I still need to carry each day, while also being easy to use. I met all of my goals.

Why am I calling it a digital wallet? Because I don't need to carry cash anymore, but I still need to carry my drivers' license, and a few cards when I leave the house. So maybe it's a digital add-on.

My Old Wallet was my OLD Phone Case, and my store-bought add-on like my phone case had too many ideas that did not work for me. They screamed look, look, and yet had little room.

The problem with using my phone case as a wallet was that every time I opened my phone in public,
my wallet was on display, and every time I left my phone on my desk, my wallet was on my desk.

With my NEW phone case & add-on Digital Wallet, I'm very happy

For a look at my phone case project follow this link.

It took a few weeks of pondering to figure out what I really needed to carry. The new wallet took just under an hour to make, including taking the photos to share with you today.

So here is the Digital Wallet project, start to finish.

First I picked a scrap of leather and made a paper pattern. I put my cards in my paper pattern and pressed on the edges to measure.

I used the thickness of my stack of cards to mark the width for extra sewing space around the edge, and I drew a pencil line as seen below around the edge. Then using my fingertip I drew a pencil line for a finger notch.

I traced the paper pattern onto the leather with a sharp pointy tool.

I marked the sewing line and punched the sewing holes.

Using a blunt needle, and starting from the open end, I sewed one side knotting the extra thread on the inside corner.

Then I did the same for the other side.

I put the cards in one at a time, and it's done.

I'm very happy with how it came out.

Here is a link to the full project photo album in google photos


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