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Own it, good or bad, it's yours

It is up to us, to pick and own our priorities, and to put them in order of importance. It's often hard, especially when two or more priorities conflict, and when goals change. And changes can happen sometimes daily. The same is true for other people around us.

And, no matter how strongly we or they feel, we can only advise and sometimes we need to just shut-up and let friends and family make their own choices, in their own time.

For myself, at this point in life, my top priorities are to get my health & weight under control. To do this I've had to give up a certain amount of food. It's not always easy.

My reasons to focus on my health & weight are that I want to be able to enjoy life, to be able to get down on the floor and play with my grandchildren, and be able to get back up without help, and if I should fall, get sick, or find myself in some sort of assisted living type arrangement, I feel it's important that I'm able to recover quickly, so I can get a…