It's a wrap

Or is it a cellphone burrito? Nope, it's a wrap, and don't worry, this is not the final product.

I liked the way this large funny shaped section of leather looked, but it just did not fold up nicely to go in my pocket. So I had to trim it up a bit. Oh so sad...

So the requirements for this wrap, a phone case that can sit/rest on my leg, and not easily fall off while driving. Whether you're in the car, at home, school, or work, sometimes you need to put your phone down so you can focus on something else, like, I don't know, driving, or work...

My issue in the past was, I'm in someone else's car or just picked up a rental car, and I'm using Google navigation with no good place to rest my phone.

Ya, I would rather have my phone mounted on the dash, but it's not always an option... and that's a whole different rant about rental cars and no place to put a phone... I mean really in a new car?

Anyway, my regular cell phone case is a bit slippery, so my phone is at risk of falling, plus my cell case doubles as my wallet, and yup, now my wallet is laying open.

But anyway for the most part, while driving I just need to listen to Google's turn-by-turn directions, with a quick glance every now and then. So sliding around in the passenger seat is not an option.

I found a simple phone rubber online and added some leather. I thought I could skip the holes for the camera and fingerprint reader, but I was wrong.

Poke the holes. When you're going out of town, it's not time to experiment with new ways to use your phone. And, make the finger hole big enough for your finger to actually touch the phone.

My plan was a simple TriFold phone case with the phone in the center, that's it.

No ID or credit cardholder. No magnets, or snaps. Just keeping it simple.

Well for this project, first the leather was too thin, so I doubled it up. Then it was too thick, so I had to cut grooves between the two layers of leather so it could fold.

Then I discovered I apparently can't be trusted to remember my PIN, so the next day I cut holes for my finger and the camera.

I still need to make the finger hole a little it bigger, but I have a couple days so I'm going to buy a bigger punch, vs, cut it with a knife.

While on the way to the airport is not a good time to figure stuff out. Lucky for me that day I was only doing a pickup, not heading out yet.
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