Hard starting mower

I picked up this lawnmower in December of 2012, found it on craigslist, it was free, I still use it.

After I got it home, I pulled and pulled and pulled and could not get it started.

In the end, all it needed was a new spark plug.

It's now the summer of 2019 and I'm still using this lawnmower today. I don't use it every week, hell I don't use it every year, but I discovered an easy trick to get it to start after it's sat for months.

This is not my primary mower anymore, my lawns a bit too big, My primary mower is still a push mower. Cause, why go to a gym when you can just mow.

So like I said, I don't use this mower every year, it sits a lot, but I've figured out the trick for how to start it quickly. For a while, it seemed like every time I wanted to get this mower to start I was right back to pulling and pulling and pulling.

The problem, I discovered a few years ago was the carburetor. It has a little rubber push plunger on the side to squirt gas into the carburetor. After sitting for a while it does not squirt.

After I figured out that there was no point in pulling the rope, till it squirted, I went from lots of pulling, to lots of pushing that plunger, and eventually, it would start. So I figured I just had to be patient. I was wrong. (** Don't replace the carburetor yet **)

If you are having the same problem, the rubber plunger is not squirting, try this.
1. Make sure you have gas in the tank. ** Note if it Does Not Look Full, it's empty.
2. Take the Air Filter off and look inside the carburetor. It should look clean and dry.
3. Dump a tiny, and I really mean tiny, like a tablespoon of gas in the top of the carburetor.
4. Now push that rubber primer plunger till it squirts gas. You may have to dump a second tablespoon.

Once it squirts, try again to start your mower.

If you dump in too much gas, and now the carburetor is full of gas. You flooded it. Dump the gas out and try again.

Last week after I thought I had figured out a system to get it started. I had a whole new issue. Still nothing big, just different. There is a safety lever on the handlebar. You have to hold it to start and keep the mower running. The bracket that holds the cable to the handlebar came loose. So holding the lever did nothing. A simple fix once I noticed the problem.

I love this little mower. It's small, lite, and normally easy to start, and use. I've beat the shit out of it, replaced the blade a couple times. I keep hitting rocks. Not a good thing, but I do. I use this little mower like its a brush cutter, stump grinder, and weed wacker.

It's lite enough to lift over the seawall. I often cut under 4 to 6 inches of water cleaning up the drainage ditch and the waters edge. If I don't keep a path over the seawall, I can't clean up the trash that washes up on almost a daily basis. So I cut back a path a couple times a year.

I feel lite weight is one of the most important things with a push mower. If you can't mow with one hand when you need to, your mower is too heavy, and you're not going to want to finish the job.

That's it for now Love this mower, and the simple tricks to keep it running.


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