A short story

I'm working on a short story, I started it here in Blogger, and was very happy with the spelling & Grammar checker built into the Chrome browser. But felt that I needed someone to proofread it for me, to catch my mistakes. So to make it easier to print, I copy & pasted everything into a Google Doc.

I was amazed at all the additional spelling & grammar suggestions I received from Google Docs, and they were valid suggestions. Thank you, Google.

I then printed it and gave it to a friend, and she found several missing commas and a few wrong words.

I think I understand the use of commas, they separate ideas, or join what could be two sentences into one. Commas can be confusing sometimes, to me anyway. Sometimes I think I use too many, and sometimes I think I use too many words. Other times I feel I did not use enough words or commas.

It is normal, and so you should expect your friends, and other people, or software to find mistakes, and hopefully make suggestions. That does not mean you should make all those changes, but you should listen, make your own choices, and hopefully learn from them. Our brains are not wired to see our own mistakes, partly because we know the story. This is also why we see the mistakes made by others, quicker, and easier than our own mistakes. This is also why working in a team is often more productive, than working alone, even when it sometimes seems silly to do so.

I've now sent my short story off to my daughter for her input. I'm doing this for two reasons, I want to see if she agrees with the suggestions made by my friend, and I want her input. I think I will feel worse if she does not make suggestions, than I would if she said, ya it's good.


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