Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A short story

I'm working on a short story, I started it here in Blogger, and was very happy with the spelling & Grammar checker built into the Chrome browser. But felt that I needed someone to proofread it for me, to catch my mistakes. So to make it easier to print, I copy & pasted everything into a Google Doc.

I was amazed at all the additional spelling & grammar suggestions I received from Google Docs, and they were valid suggestions. Thank you Google.

I then printed it and gave to a friend, and she found several missing commas, and a few wrong words.

I think I understand the use of commas, they separate ideas, or join what could be two sentences into one. Commas can be confusing sometimes, to me anyway. Sometimes I think I use to many, and sometimes I think I use too many words. Other times I feel I did not use enough words, or commas.

It is normal, and so you should expect your friends, and other people, or software to find mistakes, and hopefully make suggestions. That does not mean you should make all those changes, but you should listen, make your own choices, and hopefully learn from them. Our brains are not wired to see our own mistakes, partly because we know the story. This is also why we see the mistakes made by others, quicker, and easier than our own mistakes. This is also why working in a team is often more productive, than working alone, even when it sometimes seems silly to do so.

I've now sent my short story off to my daughter for her input. I'm doing this for two reasons, I want to see if she agrees with the suggestions made by my friend, and I want her input. I think I will feel worse if she does not make suggestions, than I would if she said, ya its good.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

It's a wrap

Or is it a cellphone burrito? Nope, it's a wrap, and don't worry, this is not the finale product.

I liked the way this large funny shaped section of leather looked, but it just did not fold up nicely to go in my pocket. So I had to trim it up a bit. Oh so sad...

So the requirements for this wrap, a phone case that can sit / rest on my leg, and not easily fall off while driving. Whether you're in the car, at home, school, or work, sometimes you need to put your phone down so you can focus on something else, like, I don't know, driving, or work...

My issue in the past was, I'm in someone else's car or just picked up a rental car, and I'm using Google navigation with no good place to rest my phone.

Ya I would rather have my phone mounted on the dash, but its not always an option... and that's a whole different rant about rental cars, and no place to put a phone... I mean really in a new car?

Anyway, my regular cell phone case is a bit slippery, so my phone is at risk of falling, plus my cell case doubles as my wallet, and yup, now my wallet is laying open.

But anyway for the most part, while driving I just need to listen to Google's turn-by-turn directions, with a quick glance every now and then. So sliding around in the passenger seat is not an option.

I found a simple phone rubber online and added some leather. I thought I could skip the holes for the camera and fingerprint reader, but I was wrong.

Poke the holes. When your going out of town, it's not time to experiment with new ways to use your phone. And, make the finger hole big enough for your finger to actually touch the phone.

My plan was a simple TriFold phone case with the phone in the center, that's it.

No ID or credit card holder. No magnets, or snaps. Just keeping it simple.

Well for this project, first the leather was too thin, so I doubled it up. Then it was too thick, so I had to cut grooves between the two layers of leather so it could fold.

Then I discovered I apparently can't be trusted to remember my PIN, so the next day I cut holes for my finger and the camera.

I still need to make the finger hole a little it bigger, but I have a couple days so I'm going to buy a bigger punch, vs, cut it with a knife.

While on the way to the airport is not a good time to figure stuff out. Lucky for me that day I was only doing a pickup, not heading out yet.
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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Hard starting mower

I picked up this lawn mower in December of 2012, found it on craigslist, it was free, I still use it.

After I got it home, I pulled and pulled and pulled and could not get it started.

In the end all it needed was a new spark plug.

It's now the summer of 2019 and I'm still using this lawn mower today. I don't use it every week, hell I don't use it every year, but I discovered an easy trick to getting it to start after it's sat for months.

This is not my primary mower anymore, my lawns a bit too big, My primary mower is still a push mower. Cause, why go to a gym when you can just mow.

So like I said, I don't use this mower every year, it sits a lot, but I've figured out the trick for how to start it quickly. For a while it seemed like every time I wanted to get this mower to start I was right back to pulling and pulling and pulling.

The problem, I discovered a few years ago was the carburetor. It has a little rubber push plunger on the side to squirt gas into the carburetor. After sitting for a while it does not squirt.

After I figured out that their was no point in pulling the rope, till it squirted, I went from lots of pulling, to lots of pushing that plunger, and eventually it would start. So I figured I just had to be patient. I was wrong. (** Don't replace the carburetor yet **)

If you are having the same problem, the rubber plunger is not squirting, try this.
1. Make sure you have gas in the tank. ** Note if it Does Not Look Full, its empty.
2. Take the Air Filter off and look inside the carburetor. It should look clean and dry.
3. Dump a tiny, and I really mean tiny, like a tablespoon of gas in the top of the carburetor.
4. Now push that rubber primer plunger till it squirts gas. You may have to dump a second tablespoon.

Once it squirts, try again to start your mower.

If you dump in too much gas, and now the carburetor is full of gas. You flooded it. Dump the gas out and try again.

Last week after I thought I had figured out a system to get it started. I had a whole new issue. Still nothing big, just different. There is a safety lever on the handle bar. You have to hold it to start, and keep the mower running. The bracket that holds the cable to the handle bar came loose. So holding the lever did nothing. A simple fix once I noticed the problem.

I love this little mower. It's small, lite, and normally easy to start, and use. I've beat the shit out of it, replaced the blade a couple times. I keep hitting rocks. Not a good thing, but I do. I use this little mower like its a brush cutter, stump grinder, and weed wacker.

It's lite enough to lift over the seawall. I often cut under 4 to 6 inches of water cleaning up the drainage ditch and the waters edge. If I don't keep a path over the seawall, I can't clean up the trash that washes up on almost a daily basis. So I cut back a path a couple times a year.

I feel lite weight is one of the most important things with a push mower. If you can't mow with one hand when you need to, your mower is too heavy, and you're not going to want to finish the job.

That's it for now Love this mower, and the simple tricks to keep it running.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Building a vendor / single bench picnic table

I call this my girl scout cookie table. I created this one bench version of my picnic table for vendors, yard-sales, and flea markets. It's also great when you need space for a separate bench or wheelchair.

As a vendor you need a place to sit down, and a clean side for customers, this table provides that.

You can sit on one side of the table comfortably, and display your cookies on the other.

Visit, building a better picnic table for more info

Monday, July 1, 2019

Own it, good or bad, it's yours

It is up to us, to pick and own our priorities, and to put them in order of importance. It's often hard, especially when two or more priorities conflict, and when goals change. And changes can happen sometimes daily. The same is true for other people around us.

And, no matter how strongly we or they feel, we can only advise and sometimes we need to just shut-up and let friends and family make their own choices, in their own time.

For myself, at this point in life, my top priorities are to get my health & weight under control. To do this I've had to give up a certain amount of food. It's not always easy.

My reasons to focus on my health & weight are that I want to be able to enjoy life, to be able to get down on the floor and play with my grandchildren, and be able to get back up without help, and if I should fall, get sick, or find myself in some sort of assisted living type arrangement, I feel it's important that I'm able to recover quickly, so I can get around on my own, wipe my own butt, feed myself, and not find myself dependent on somebody else to do everything for me.

It's that simple, as much as I enjoy eating something yummy, I cant. When I was younger I could eat anything and not gain weight. Now things can go bad real quick.

That certainly doesn't mean that I don't cheat from time to time. When I do cheat I own it. I make it worth it, otherwise I'm just going to want to cheat again tomorrow because yesterday's cheat wasn't quite up to par to satisfy the need in the urge to cheat.