My version of a Boiled Egg Breakfast

I was skimming my Google news feed a few weeks ago and saw an article for a Boiled Egg Diet.

Being curious I took a look, it was interesting, but not something I would do forever. My viewpoint on diets is, if I can't do it forever, I don't do it.

The article even said people don't normally stick with it, because it becomes too boring over time, it does not contain enough daily calories, and lacks other essential nutrients.

I agree, in my experience that matches everything I've read and heard about diets like these, things look good at first, but because it's not a good long term lifestyle, first you cheat, then you quit, and then you gain back more weight than you lost.

But on the brighter side, I was thinking about the Egg Salad Breakfast that I've been making and eating for the past several weeks, added a second egg, and dropped the pickle relish.

My sunflower seed mix includes 5 items, raw & roasted pumpkin seeds, raw & roasted sunflower seeds, and almonds.

The only other difference between this breakfast and the one I was eating a few weeks ago is now in addition to eating 2 hard-boiled eggs, I'm also eating 2 breakfast sausages.

I believe it's important to constantly re-evaluate what you are doing. Think about what is working for you, and what is not, and make changes as you learn.


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