Manual leather sewing machine

I've built a simple wooden base for an old fashion, manual, Leather Sewing Machine, that I found online.

The sewing or Shoe Repair Machine is new, made in China, and looks like something from the 1800s. From the youtube videos I've watched, it will be a project in itself to get it running, but for the price, it's well worth the effort.

The machine is designed to sew leather shoes. It has a long neck that will let it get into tight spaces. I don't currently plan to make or repair a lot of shoes, but I don't want to lose the ability to easily take advantage of the long neck.

I want to build a base that can easily re-position the machine to take advantage of the long neck.
It has to be stable while sewing with the neck fully extended.
I want a tabletop base for portability and because I don't have space for a dedicated bench.

My original vision for this project was a rectangle made from 2x6 pine with just enough height that the flywheel will clear a table. The machine was to be mounted to a block that could slide back and forth within the base, an additional heavy block was to be used to fill the gap and to provide counterweight.

Ya, that did not work out.

But I now have a simple wooden base that will do 90% of what I need and want to do and I can still think about making a second base. More photos of the wooden base below.

This photo is from the unboxing. Lots of tiny styrofoam dots to vacuum.

You may find these photos helpful as well.

I used a drill press to counter sink the bolts

I timed off the excess wood 


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