Let's talk batteries

Your body is no different than your cell phone in that it's got a battery inside and you've got to figure out how to charge it.

You've got lots of options everybody sells a different charger, lots of options for cables, they've even got batteries to charge your battery.

The efficiency of charging your cell phone depends on the voltage and wattage of your charger, the quality of your cable, and how many watts it takes to fully charger battery.

Your body pretty much works the same way. Mine needs a minimum of 1800 calories a day. Though it would prefer 2000.

If I give it 3000 I may regret it for a few days. If I give it too many calories two frequently I'm probably going to regret it for a year or more.

So should I skip the egg yolk? Not if I'm counting my calories. That's kind of like going out to get a hamburger and telling them to you know don't add the meat. Seriously sure Don't add the bread That's a lot of calories you don't need and bad calories at that but if you're not going to have the meat why are you going to order the hamburger I mean seriously.

The foods that you choose to make up your calories is important but not as important as staying within your numbers.

Once you've mastered staying in your numbers or at least doing an adequate job then you start paying attention to your carbs and your protein to make sure you're getting enough. If you're not getting enough protein you're going to be tired and if you're eating too many carbs you're going to have a hard time staying at your desired weight.

So eat that egg yolk, just make sure you counted it.

Make sure you're getting enough calories to get you through your day.

If you rapid charge, it may not get you through the day. A trickle charge is better.


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