It's not just fruit, it's sugar.

It's amazing how something so seemingly innocent can potentially be a bad choice.

I went to see my doctor yesterday, just a basic annual appointment. I've lost a lot of weight in the past 6 months and I shared what I was doing, along with my challenges. I thought I was doing great. I am, but it seems I've developed a bad habit.

It's summer, blueberry season, and I started eating a container of blueberries a day. It started with a 170g container, then went to a 310g container. I mean it's not really that big, and it's blueberries. Their good for you, right. Well...

For me, a handful of blueberries is about 40 grams. I would have a handful with breakfast and another handful throughout the day till they were gone. That's only like 8 handfuls, so no big deal, right...

OK, sometimes I munched on nothing but blueberries all day, and sometimes, I have blueberries for supper. But no big deal, right...

I told my doctor, that sometimes, I felt like I was starving, and, I thought it was because I had not eaten enough that day.

My doctor told me to think about sugar cubes. That is all I ate for super was blueberries, that's a lot of sugar, and, I will crash later.

Yup, that's what was happening. Even though on paper I had eaten my calories for the day, I would crash, and then almost desperately looking for something else to eat.

Eating 40 grams of blueberries is about the same as eating 2 sugar cubes. So a whole container could be 16 cubes, Wow that's a lot of sugar. I was essentially popping 2 sugar cubes 8 times a day, and crashing.

The handful of blueberries for breakfast was OK, and the 200 more or less calories were no big deal. It was not eating enough of anything substantial to keep me from crashing that was the problem.


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