Houseboat project

I cut the house off the boat in the spring of 2017. Then in the summer of 2017, I built the new house.

Click here for the photos from this project

I deliberately took the fall of 2017 off to watch for leaks on the inside and patch them as I found them. I had planned to continue on the inside in the summer of 2018 but due to health reasons, I did not continue working on the boat again until the summer of 2019. I'm currently working on the inside of the boat.

Above is the before photo

Then the top came off. Over 10,000 lbs of lumber and fiberglass went to the dump that day.

The frame for the new house was built.

There was a lot and I mean a very very lot of rain that summer.

This link is to photos building the new Houseboat, Spring and Summer of 2017 along with a few photos from the summer of 2019.

This link is photos of the floor going in. Summer of 2019


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