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In an effort to be more effective, I exported and moved all my posts from into

Prior to this year, was only my Wooden Stuff, Picnic Tables, and Chickens. This year I started adding other projects, like Leather, and the Houseboat. I also converted the site from old-style HTML to using Blogger.

Prior to this year, was my Tech blog, using WordPress.

This year I added Health & Fitness, converted it from WordPress to Blogger, and then, just today, on a whim, exported and merged the two sites.

I created back in the late '80s when email addresses were linked to your internet service provider. After moving a few times and losing yet another email address, all my saved emails, and my contacts, I decided there needed to be a better way to do email.

So I registered

Then with nothing better to do, I learned to program in HTML, PHP, MySQL. I loved PHP and MySQL and went to create some very intense websites. Then I retired, or rather quit my job and moved to Florida. I spent many years with no home-internet, telephone, cable tv, or AC. I have to say I love that more than MySQL.

With needing something to do, I got a part-time job at a college and started working on projects. To share those projects with my grandchildren that live out-of-state I use my blog and Google Photos.

Some of my projects include the Houseboat. Purchased for $1000 with termite damage I did not know about, it sat in the water for two or three years before I gave up on repairs and cut the old house off, and built a new house.

You will find a link to that blog post here as well as a link to two Google Albums

I've also been working with leather. Below are a few other projects I've done, but have not yet written up and posted in a blog, but I do plan to do so soon.

Like these two leather carvings.

I've also done some leather stitching projects like this flask.

And I stripped and re-did this leather chair.

I made a case for my kindle.

A pair of moccasins.

Then there was a rifle and holster project.

Some projects are already here and have links to more photos like
Talking poop againManual leather sewing machine, and a Leather wrapped thermos.

And some photos are here but with no words yet like. I will also from time to time add more info to a prior post and fix some spelling.

Chicken House

Picnic Tables

Wooden Plates & Bowls

Wooden Stuff

Wooden Trees


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