No More Tangles Hair Sock

I'm a 59-year-old male, with long hair. When I ride it tangles.

I'm sure that I can't be the only one with this problem. The wind knots up my hair so well that I have to tear the knots out. I've tried ponytails, hair scrunchies, and dew rags but it's tough to hide all the hair.

Recently, I thought what I really need is a hair sock. Like a scrunchie but closed like a sock. Then I thought why not a sock.

First I tried one of my socks. Too big. Then I went to the dollar store and found a kids' sock.

Much better.

When I ride, I wear both the hair sock, and a dew rag, and I'm loving it.

It took a little practice, but now it's easy.
First, turn the sock inside out and put the sock over two fingers and your thumb like a mitten.

Then grab the hair like your doing a ponytail, and wrap it around the covered two fingers.

Then push the hair into the sock.

And roll the hair filled sock, just like you would roll up a pair of socks too put away.


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