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It's not just fruit, it's sugar.

It's amazing how something so seemingly innocent can potentially be a bad choice.

I went to see my doctor yesterday, just a basic annual appointment. I've lost a lot of weight in the past 6 months and I shared what I was doing, along with my challenges. I thought I was doing great. I am, but it seems I've developed a bad habit.
It's summer, blueberry season, and I started eating a container of blueberries a day. It started with a 170g container, then went to a 310g container. I mean it's not really that big, and it's blueberries. Their good for you, right. Well...
For me a handful of blueberries is about 40 grams. I would have a handful with breakfast and another handful throughout the day till they were gone. That's only like 8 handfuls, so no big deal, right...
OK, sometimes I munched on nothing but blueberries all day, and sometimes, I have blueberries for supper. But no big deal, right...
I told my doctor, that sometimes, I felt like I was starving, and…

Houseboat project

I cut the house off the boat in the spring of 2017. Then in the summer of 2017 I built the new house.

Click here for the photos from this project

I deliberately took the fall of 2017 off to watch for leaks on the inside and patch them as I found them. I had planned to continue on the inside in the summer of 2018 but due to health reasons I did not continue working on the boat again until the summer of 2019. I'm currently working on the inside of the boat.

Above is the before photo
Then the top came off. Over 10,000 lbs of lumber and fiberglass went to the dump that day.
The frame for the new house was built.
There was a lot and I mean a very very lot of rain that summer.
This link is to photos building the new Houseboat, Spring and Summer of 2017 along with a few photos from the summer of 2019.

This link is photos of the floor going in. Summer of 2019

Combined two Blogs

In an effort to be more effective, I exported and moved all my posts from into

Prior to this year was only my Wooden Stuff, Picnic Tables, and Chickens. This year I started adding other projects, like Leather, and the Houseboat. I also converted the site from old style html to using Blogger.

Prior to this year, was my Tech blog, using WordPress.

This year I added Health & Fitness, converted it from WordPress to Blogger, and then, just today, on a whim, exported and merged the two sites.

I created back in the late 80's when email addresses were linked to your internet service provider. After moving a few times and loosing yet another email address, all my saved emails, and my contacts, I decided there needed to be a better way to do email.

So I registered

Then with nothing better to do, I learned to program in html, php, MySQL. I loved php and MySQL, and went to to create some very intense websites. Then I retired, or…

Blowing in the wind. Hair Sock

I'm a 59 year old male, with long hair. When I ride it tangles.

I'm sure that I can't be the only one with this problem. The wind knots up my hair so well that I have to tear the knots out. I've tried ponytails, hair scrunchies, and dew rags but it's tough to hide all the hair.

Recently, I thought what I really need is a socky. Like a scrunchie but closed like a sock. Then I thought why not a sock.

First I tried one of my socks. I found a tube sock worked best. My sock was a bit big, so I went to the dollar store and found a kids sock.

Much better.

When I ride, I now wear both the sock, and the dew rag, and I'm loving it.

It took a little practice. First I start to put my hair in a ponytail and stop. Then I turn the sock inside out and put the sock on my hand like a mitten.
Then I grab the hair like I'm doing a ponytail, and grab, and fold, grab, and fold, till all the hair is in my grip inside the sock.
Then I pull my hand out, with out letting go of the h…

Manual leather sewing machine

I've built a simple wooden base for an old fashion, manual, Leather Sewing Machine, that I found online.

The sewing or Shoe Repair Machine is new, made in China, and looks like something from the 1800's. From the youtube videos I've watched, it will be a project in itself to get it running, but for the price it's well worth the effort.

The machine is designed to sew leather shoes. It has a long neck that will let it get into tight spaces. I don't currently plan to make or repair a lot of shoes, but I don't want to lose the ability to easily take advantage of the long neck.
I want to build a base that can easily re-position the machine to take advantage of the long neck. It has to be stable while sewing with the neck fully extended. I want a tabletop base for portability and because I don't have space for a dedicated bench.
My original vision for this project was a rectangle made from 2x6 pine with just enough height that the flywheel will clear a table. Th…

Let's talk batteries

Your body is no different than your cell phone in that it's got a battery inside and you've got to figure out how to charge it.

You've got lots of options everybody sells a different charger, lots of options for cables, they've even got batteries to charge your battery.

The efficiency of charging your cell phone depends on the voltage and wattage of your charger, the quality of your cable, and how many watts it takes to fully charger battery.

Your body pretty much works the same way. Mine needs a minimum of 1800 calories a day. Though it would prefer 2000.

If I give it 3000 I may regret it for a few days. If I give it too many calories two frequently I'm probably going to regret it for a year or more.

So should I skip the egg yolk? Not if I'm counting my calories. That's kind of like going out to get a hamburger and telling them to you know don't add the meat. Seriously sure Don't add the bread That's a lot of calories you don't need and ba…