Four seed mix

Contingent with the theme of my previous post on simple math I do the same thing with seeds. I'm eating seeds for fiber and calories. To keep the math simple I mix them all together but only call them sunflower seeds.

My current 4-seed mix is Sunflower & Pumpkin half organic and half roasted no-salt.

( organic sunflower, roasted sunflower, organic pumpkin, roasted pumpkin )

But when I enter them into my calorie counting app I just called them roasted unsalted sunflower seeds.

At one point I tried throwing in the chia seeds as well but that didn't really work out well so I keep the chia seed separate now.

I've found that using a shot-glass is a convenient way to eat them.

Put your shot glass on the scale, zero it, add seeds, record, eat


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