Food Diary for Net Carbs & Fiber

In the app store, it's listed as a Calorie Counter by FatSecret. It's available for both Android and Apple devices. It's a Food Diary App that does a lot more than count calories. It can also help you track your net carbs, fiber, fats, and protein and a lot more.

At the very bottom of the Diary screen, you will see a cogwheel named Options.

The default is a Summary view change it to Detailed.

Tap options again and this time tap change columns

It will only show 4 items. Pick protein, fat, fiber, net carbs and tap okay

When you are logging your meals, the tabs for, Recently Eaten and Most Eaten are sorted by meals for example breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So if you previously ate something for breakfast and now it's lunchtime and you want to pick the same thing logged before. You can go back to your breakfast log, find the item under recently eaten, and pick it again. Then after you saved it to that meal you can then go back touch that item in the detail section and change it from breakfast to lunch

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