Chia seeds

When I first heard of chia seeds the first thing that I thought was "are they the same thing used for a Chia pet. I don't know that answer but what I do know is they are tiny little seeds, so tiny you may not even suspect they were seeds.

When you eat them they crunch and have a nutty flavor, but they're so small you might end up with a few stuck between your teeth. I picked up a package at a local discount store for $3.

First I tried mixing them with sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds it was good at first, added a little different flavor.

Then I made the mistake of thinking "if I put in a little bit of water... but that just created a mush that I was able to eat but other than the fact that I paid for the seeds, I was wondering why I did.

Then I tried mixing them with cottage cheese. That actually worked out pretty well. I had the option of chewing or not and it added that little bit of a nutty flavor. I even threw in some sunflower seeds and some pumpkin seeds still good.

Caution: I read somewhere on the web, don't eat too many in one day or you might get constipated. The suggested serving seems to be 3 tablespoons tops. But you can eat three teaspoons with breakfast, lunch, and supper.

When you mix them with something pick a container with plenty of room.

I also mixed them with yogurt. I added 3 tablespoons to a blueberry Greek yogurt. It was yummy.

The great thing about mixing chia seeds with yogurt or cottage cheese is you end up with a healthier food choice because the chia seeds add some much-needed fiber and protein to your diet.

Remember to also be careful with yogurt and cottage cheese and as well as anything else you were eating. Too much of anything can lead to too many calories. So I also recommend if you're not already doing so, to make sure that you are logging your meals in a food diary.

I'm using the calorie counter by FatSecret to keep me on track. You'll find another post on my blog on setting up and using fatsecret.


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