Welcome to my Wooden Pages

DFB.net registered in 1998 normally gets just under 1000 new visitors every day.

I picked the name because my initials are DFB and .com was already taken, and .net was available.

I first registered dfb.net in 1998, the internet was new to most of us, we did not use it for much of anything work-related yet. The internet was slow and unreliable. At that time, most people used email accounts provided by our internet service providers, and email was still just a toy really. Internet both at home, and at work for most of us was dial-up internet. I registered dfb.net because I felt I needed a better option. I had moved a few times, or just changed dial-up providers, I can't really remember the details, but within 12 months the email address I had used to contact friends, coworkers, and family was lost to me 3 or more times within a 12 month period. So, I figured there had to be a better way to. I decided that we should all have a permanent address, that would not change unless we deliberately made that conscience decision. That's when I registered dfb.net

In those days I would promote to everybody, get your own domain name, don't lose your email address just because you moved. Of course, that was before Google is what it is today. I still have dave@dfb.net but unfortunately, it's like talking in a foreign language. I say dave@dfb.net , then you say what, then I start spelling. It's a bit frustrating.

So I registered grayharley.com

Now I had to tell everybody how to spell gray, and harley.

I still have to tell everybody how to spell dfb.net and grayharley.com but I guess that's a good thing I can call it my own little extra spam protection.

On the topic of spam protection, other than work (who still thinks Microsoft is something important) I only use Google and Gmail, and I tell people that if Google thinks it's spam that's good enough for me.

I also say "Don't be a yahoo, use Google Gmail" to me Gmail says I'm Tech Savvy, and yahoo mail says your a yahoo. Sorry, you can't dispute science or math. It is what it is.

ya·hoo /yäˈho͞o/ noun INFORMAL

a rude, noisy, or violent person.

synonyms: barbarian, philistine, vulgarian, savage, brute, beast, boor, oaf, ruffian, thug, lout, hoodlum, hooligan, vandal, rowdy, bully boy, brawler;
"you ain't too smart"

Back sometime between 2000 and 2005, I discovered what I called and promoted as Google Family Gmail. It was a free, 10 account version of Google's Business email. Those of you who didn't sign up for it back then really missed out on a great opportunity. It allowed me to take Grayharley.com and turn it into Dave's family, private little family Gmail account. I was able to create and manage email accounts for my entire family, using grayharley.com as its base address. It was a fantastic opportunity which unfortunately is no longer available for free to the world.

I started creating websites at work in 1998. The internet was so... slow... then. When my boss asked me to create a company website, I said no, the internet sucks, do you really think a website will make you rich. So he hired a web-design company, and we waited, and waited, and waited.

Finally, I said "This is ridiculous... How long does it take to create a web page?" So I created my first company website. I think it took about an hour to create and then I grew as needed.

I continued to move around, and sometime after 2001 but before 2005 we got cable internet in my town. Wow, no more dialup. So just for something to do, I started putting photos and info that was relevant to my woodworking or to raising chickens on dfb.net

My first website was 100% HTML written by hand using only notepad and a web browser. The pages were loaded with complex nested tables, tr, td, br that I had to keep straight in my head. That's still how I prefer to code. But now I'm a PHP and MySQL fan.

In the beginning, to learn HTML I would go to a web-page, view the source, and figure out how it worked, so I could write my own pages.

I was already a DOS and Windows programmer. using C+, Pascal, Basic, and Vax VMS DCL

Oh... I loved DCL.

I was also writing Database apps for tracking inventory, sales, and system installations in MS Access.

So HTML programming was easy to learn. Then later I started doing Perl, and later again PHP & MySQL

For me, It was harder to get motivated to build a personal web-page than a work web-page. I really had no need for a personal web-page, so I had no idea what to put on it, and I did not want to waste time working on something I did not need. Making a work web-page was easy, I knew what we needed for a work related web-pages.

To some point, I still don't need a personal web-page, but it's something to do, and Blogger now does most of the work. I just have to add words, and I've learned how to slow down a bit.

But anyway, PHP & MySQL became my new favorites, and everything I did was database driven. I felt like "why would anyone not want a database-driven website". Reusable code, easy to update content, kinda self-aware, the site knew what day it was, and what URL you entered, so it could change its look based on that. One codebase could run an infinite number of websites. Kinda like blogger. I just have to add data and pick and set up a theme.

Then I retired, and moved again, and again, and again, and for the following six or more years, I once again had no need for a web-page or a computer. But then my domains started to expire, and I had to figure out if I had a need or a desire to renew them.

By 2019, I was saying no, no, no, and was only doing and supporting web-pages for friends & family, and I was so... sick... of how slow... and unreliable... GoDaddy had gotten.

I unregistered and canceled many domain names. I moved the few I away from GoDaddy. Since I chose to keep dfb.net and grayharley.com I moved all the content over to blogger, and I'm now trying to make an effort to not just let them sit idle for another 6 years. I'm very happy with Blogger.

In mid-2019 I took all the content I had in grayharley.com and merged it with the content of dfb.net

Just trying to make life easier and not be updating two separate blogs.

I'm going to take a break for a while and continue editing this Old Post later.

Blogger, as you know, is designed for blogging. I had to get a little creative to move a traditional HTML / PHP site to blogger, but I feel it worked well, and now I've actually started blogging. I don't know and really don't care if anyone comes here. I post the things I like, some of the projects I'm working on, and what I'm learning about my health and diet. So it's like my personal log, and a place I can look to remind myself about something, and if the information is helpful to others, that's great.

Blogger allowed me to backdate the pages I converted into posts, this allowed me to maintain a timeline. Blogger allows me to tag posts, which allows me to group ideas, and information, like for example, health & fitness, vs woodworking.

In 2005, I worked as a Computer Consultant, and did Woodworking & Woodturning as a hobby. Now I'm kinda retired. I don't normally touch a computer other than my phone if I don't have to.

Picnic Tables
Many years ago, I designed a picnic table. At the time I hated picnic tables, but my mother needed a new table. I had three goals. I wanted it to be handicap accessible, to be easy to move, and to be easier to get in and out of. I accomplished all of this and more. You will find posts on this blog with photos, tips on how to build, and plans are available.

My unique picnic table is Handicap Accessible because it has room for a person in a wheelchair or an extra bench at the ends of the table, and because someone can sit at the ends of the benches without lifting their leg over the bench.

Plans & Kits
Whether you're new to woodworking or building picnic tables to sell, my step by step booklet will show you how to build a better picnic table. Twenty years ago, I was building well over 20 picnic tables every year, I had a system set up where I could easily build 10 in a day if I wanted to. If you want to build a table, I truly believe this is a better picnic table. As a woodworker when I put this booklet together it was important to me to keep it simple, yet written with enough step-by-step detail that a reader with no woodworking experience can actually build this table.

My Gallery Pages that I've moved into posts and albums include samples of wooden plates, bowls, pet dishes, Toys.

My oils section talks about using Oils and Beeswax to finish your projects.

My Ez-Hanger project shows a simple way to hang your project on a wall.

My lumber section shows samples of Lumber for wood-turning projects.

My how-to section talks about finishing projects with oils and turning Wooden Plates, Bowls and Stuff on a Lathe.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my Wooden pages.

Thank You,


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