Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Welcome to my Wooden Pages

I'm a Computer Consultant in Central Massachusetts.
Woodworking & Woodturning has been a hobby of mine for several years.

Picnic Tables
When designing this picnic table I had three goals. I wanted it to be handicap accessible, to be easy to move, and to be easier to get in and out of. I accomplished all of this and more by carefully planning my unique table design.

This unique picnic table is Handicap Accessible because it has room for a person in a wheelchair or an extra bench at the ends of the table, and because someone can sit at the ends of the benches without lifting their leg over the bench.

Plans & Kits
Whether you're new to woodworking or building picnic tables to sell, this step by step booklet will show you how to build a better picnic table. I build about 20 picnic tables every year and I truly believe this is a better picnic table. As a woodworker when I put this booklet together it was important to me to keep it simple, yet written with enough step-by-step detail that a reader with no woodworking expereance can actually build this table.

My Gallery Pages include samples of wooden plates, bowls, pet dishes, Toys.

My oils section talks about using Oils and Beeswax to finish your projects.

My Ez-Hanger project shows a simple way to hang your project on a wall.

My lumber section shows samples of Lumber for woodturning projects.

My how to section talks about finnishing projects with oils and turning Wooden Plates, Bowls and Stuff on a Lathe.
I hope you enjoy your visit to my Wooden pages.

Thank You,

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