The Ez-Hanger

If you have ever had to hang a shelf or cabinet, I think you will find that the Ez-Hanger will make that task easier.

I was making a hanging Paper Towel holder with two shelves. While making it I kept thinking how can I make it easy to hang. I had several ideas, this one was easy to make using the tools I already owned.

Well my Paper Towel holder and Shelves are done and I have decided to hang it on the wall above my sink. Next to the sink is a door. I want the bottom shelve to be at eye level and the side to be about 4 inches from the door.

I simply hang the Ez-Hanger so the Bottom is at eye level and the side is 5 inches from the door. Now I can hang my shelve unit on the Ez-Hanger and i'm done.

The Ez-Hanger was so easy to hang. My walls are regular dry-wall walls, so I held up my Ez-Hanger on the wall in the general location I wanted. It has two screws to hold it on the wall and the screws were already inplace. I used a hammer to carefully tap in the first screw. Then I used my level to make sure the Ez-Hanger was level and then I carefully hammered in the second screw. Since I have dry-wall walls it came off just as easy as it went up.

Now I will use two self taping dry-wall screw nuts. They say you don't have to pre-drill but I have found that they work better if you pre-drill so I will use a 1/4 inch drill bit and enlarge the two screw holes I just made in my wall. Then I will screw in the two self taping dry-wall screw nuts. Now I use my screw driver and re-hang the Ez-Hanger. All my holes lined up like I measured, but I did not have to and it went up quick and easy.


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