The Chicken Yard

The chicken yard is fenced in with 6ft high chicken wire. Click photo to enlarge.

The Chicken Coop is 4ft x 4ft wide, its 6ft high in the front and 5ft high in back. It has a large window and a fiberglass roof to provide light. The window is covered with chicken wire and has shutters so it can be closed at night and in bad weather. The coop has two doors a small one for the chickens and a large one for people, both doors can be latched closed. Inside the coop are 8 nests, two roosts, a feed can and water can.

A water can heater that turns on when its below 30, and a heat lamp that turns on when its below 55. The thermostat on the heat lamp is adjustable so it can also be used to keep baby chicks warm or to turn on the light at night. There are two access flaps for gathering eggs with out having to enter the chicken coop or yard.


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