The Junk Food and Fitness Game

I'm lucky in a way that I'm my worst enemy, though not always my worst critic. I do better, eating at home. Because the food choices that are in the house are the ones that I brought into it. So when there's poor choices in the house it's my fault and I try to make sure that the poor choices that I bring into the house are better than they could have been health-wise.

Sometimes it seems like everyday is a struggle, but realistically it's not really it's just the way my mind works or everybody's mind works. We tend to not be satisfied with our own results while we will praise somebody else who realistically could have results that are not as good as our own.

Friends and family as well as strangers may discredit our challenges as trivial and make believe. I struggle with snacking it typically happens when I've missed meals, stressed or board. So I work hard to keep the snacks out of the house. In the past I thought the worst thing that I could do is eat was another banana. (Funny now with Carbs -vs- Fats, what's worse a Banana or Bacon, I'm going to eat the banana, but just one) If chips are in the house, I can often ignore it for months but if I open the bag and eat one I will most often eat the whole bag within an hour or less. Luckily I understand this and normally don't bring junk food in the house.

I've sent several emails to both Google, Fitbit and the makers of my current, Motiv fitness tracking ring, telling them that in fitness, (exercise, eating, weight loss) the week, month, and year does not start on a given day. It is the last 7 days including today, the last 30 days including today, the last 365 days including today. It is not Sunday - Saturday, not the 1st - 31st, not 2018 or 2019. That's why more often than not your fitness tracker can be discouraging. It's not giving you enough credit for today, not giving you enough credit for trying again. Not letting you feel like you can press reset and do better.

In my mind, if I want to be successful I need to be able to treat eating and exercise like a video game. I can't erase my history of overeating, mistakes, and unwanted weight gains, but I also can't let it discourage me or allow it make me give up. I can and must track and log all my meals, snacks and weight both good and bad. And even though my fitness app is not giving me credit for doing better this week, I can press reset after every poor choice by simply trying again.

In fitness and Life, I often feel like the rules keep changing. But its more often that we learned something new, reading something different, like this high-fat low-carb thing -vs- Balancing Carbs, Fats & Protein. So I always want to make sure that whatever I'm doing fitness wise, that it's something I think I can do for the rest of my life. Because I'm going to make mistakes. I'm going to get discouraged. So I need to be able to want to try again.


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