Skip the Gym do Yardwork

One of the easiest and most rewarding ways of breaking a good sweat is to get outside and do some yardwork, and it's so easier to break a sweat when it's warm out verses in an air-conditioned building. Also doing yard work is relaxing and rewarding because you've actually accomplish something.

I lose 1 to 4 lbs of sweat a day doing yard work. Ya, it's water weight, so what, its dirty water out, clean water in. When I'm inside or outside sweating I'm wearing a long sleeve cotton shirt, jeans or sweatpants, sox, shoes or boots, and a dew wrap.  My goal is to sweat, not stay cool, and it's actually more comfortable to have something to wic up the sweat and let it evaporate. Also long sleeves will help protect you from the sun. 

Sweating it out. There’s about 500 milligrams of salt in a pound of sweat.

On average we consume over three times more salt than the daily recommended sodium levels of 2,300 milligrams maximum, and less than 1,500 milligrams for adults with high blood pressure.

I'm 59 years old. I cut my lawn every week in the summer and every two weeks or so in the winter in the hot Florida sun, using a push mower. I do not use AC in the car and I almost never run it in the house any more. My big issue now is I have to wear sweatpants at work, stores, and restaurants because it's too cold.

I moved to Florida from Massachusetts about six years ago. The secret is to pretend your cold for a while and your body will adjust.


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