How to Build a Better Picnic Table

Whether you're new to woodworking or building picnic tables to sell, this step by step booklet will show you how to build a better picnic table. Over 200 picnic tables are built using this design every year and I truly believe this is a better picnic table. When I put this booklet together, I felt it was important to keep it simple, yet written with enough step-by-step detail that a reader with no woodworking experience can really build this table.

This table is Handicap Accessible
because you can sit at the ends of the benches without having to lift your legs over the bench, and there is plenty of legroom to position a wheelchair or an extra bench on both ends.

The unique design of this picnic table makes the table easy to move about the yard making it increasingly popular with Homeowners, Schools, Colleges & Restaurants, and the booklet includes instructions on how to build my popular single bench Event Table as well.

I truly believe you can build this table, and that you will have fun doing it.

If you would like a copy it's $12 with Free Shipping
You supply all Hardware & Lumber.

The Picnic Table Plans include easy to follow step by step instructions. A full materials list, and helpful tips, photos, diagrams and more to help you build your table quickly.

No fancy tools are required. US Postal Service First Class Mail ®
(Free Shipping within the United States & Canada Only)

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