Fitness Trackers

I'm definitely having a love-hate relationship with my fitness tracker these days it's the motiv ring. I hate having it on my finger and it doesn't track anything if I put it on a chain around my neck.

I've always had a dislike for rings and watches. I've tried the Fitbit, hated it also. I know that I don't need a fitness tracker to tell me whether or not I sat on the couch all day, but I like to have some sort of an idea of just how lazy I was.

Google does a fair job of tracking fitness, but my phone spends more time sitting on my desk or on a table then it does in my pocket. I don't know why Google won't let me get one of the chip implants. I talk about it enough that we know both Google and Amazon know I want one.

Before I bought my Motiv Ring they sent me a sizing kit. It included a dozen plastic rings so I could pick my size. I would have never thought I had big hands, but my size is a 12, and size 12 is also the largest size Motiv makes.

I had no problem wearing the plastic size 12 Motiv sizing ring for a week while I waited for the real thing. But after one day with the real thing my finger swelled up and for a bit I did not think I would be able to get it off.

I still have problems with it, and often have to take it off and put it in my pocket or change fingers or hands, but then there is a chance it will fall off and get lost.

I wanted the heart beat monitor, because I do a lot of yard work and kayaking and so for me, counting steps is not always a good way to track my activity.

I also do a lot of mixed activities, for example, I take my bicycle for a walk to both mix things up and allow me to ride home when I over do it and my bad leg / knee gives out.

My fitness trackers don't seem to track mixed activities very well, and I don't want to stop and start a new tracking activity every time I climb on and off my bike. So I have to live with inaccurate data in my fitness app.


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