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Digital Wallet - okay yeah it's leather

After making my Leather Phone Case I wanted a small Leather Wallet to go with it.
My goals for this wallet were simply to keep it small, simple, and yet big enough for all the cards I still need to carry each day, while also being easy to use. I met all my goals.

Why am I calling it a digital wallet? Because I don't need to carry cash anymore, but I still need to carry my drivers license, and a few cards when I leave the house. So maybe it's a digital add-on.

My Old Wallet was my OLD Phone Case, and my store bought add-on like my phone case had too many ideas that did not work for me. They screamed look, look, and yet had little room.

The problem with using my phone case as a wallet, was that every time I opened my phone in public,
my wallet was on display, and every time I left my phone on my desk, my wallet was on my desk.

With my NEW phone case & add-on Digital Wallet, I'm very happy

For a look at my phone case project follow this link.

It took a few weeks of pondering…

Yummy Chia Breakfast Pudding

I've been cooking with Chia Seeds for a while now, but this Chia Breakfast Pudding is Yummy.

I added Chia Seeds to my diet for the fiber. Half a Tablespoon of chia seeds a day, that's just 8 grams, has 2.8 grams of fiber, 38 calories, 1.25g protein, 2.5g fat, and only 0.50 net carbs.

And I love Egg Custard, but I'm watching my weight, counting calories and carbs. This chia pudding is yummy, easy, and healthy.

When I first discovered chia seeds, I ate them dry. The taste was fine, but the little seeds felt almost unmanageable. Getting stuck between my teeth, and such. I saw a lot of talk online about chia puddings, but they all included some form of fake milk. I like real milk, but I choose to be careful about drinking my calories. It took several months before I wondered what would happen if I soaked them in water.

Well they turned the water into a handy little gel. I was a bit amazed, and it only took a couple of minutes and a few finger swirls.

Start with a quarter cup o…

Homemade - Zero Calorie Flavored Water

I gave up soda years ago, well almost. I will treat myself to an orange crush and popcorn when I go to a movie. But at home all I drink is tap water and home made ice coffee, black no sugar.

When I go out I normally just get water. I like water. I like tap water. I don't always like the water when I go out because sometimes there's a chlorine aftertaste. I'm also not a fan of hot coffee unless you add lots of cream, and I'm trying to watch my calories / carbs.

I tried cold brew for a while, and frankly found it too much work, now I just brew about 4 tablespoons or 2 ounces of what ever Ground Dark Roast that's in my freezer with about 12 cups of water.

Once it's brewed I turn off the coffee maker and let it sit for an hour or more, and then transfer it to an open top glass pitcher in the refrigerator.  I also keep my tap water in an open top glass pitcher in the refrigerator. I like the taste better if I let it breath.

So now I have two pitchers in the frig, on…

Healthy egg salad breakfast

I recently switched from eating a single 88 calorie hard boiled egg breakfast, to a healthier, 1/3 of an egg, 320 calorie, fiber rich, Chia Egg Salad.

A single egg now feeds me breakfast for 3 days. I've lowered my cholesterol intake by a third. I get more calories and a better, healthier breakfast.

My egg salad mix is equal parts egg, mayonnaise, and pickle relish. In my breakfast bowl, I add 8 grams of Chia seeds, and 15 grams of my sunflower seed mix.

My sunflower seed mix is equal parts of both sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
This egg salad breakfast has allowed me to add fiber, along with healthier fats and protein to my meal without greatly raising the carbs.

Building a Single Bench - Picnic Table

I call this my Girl Scout Cookie Table. I created this many years ago, after going to a Flea Market as a vender. It's also great if your tight on space, or want space for a separate bench or wheelchair.

You can sit on one side of the table comfortably, and display your cookies on the other.

For more picnic table stuff, visit my building a better picnic table page.

Code Four Athletics

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Janie and Jack

Janie and Jack, classic clothing for kids with modern twists on classic fashion. When everything they do, makes your life a little more special.

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Leather Ring

A leather ring, designed like a small belt.

This project took about an hour. I started by selecting my worst looking scrap. I find the most flawed looking leather or wood make the most interesting finished products.