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Manage all your email with Gmail

You can use one Gmail Account to manage all your email. I use Google Gmail for all my websites,, my work email, and even my Yahoo and AOL.

Since everything is going to Gmail I do not need real mailboxes for any of my websites. I just setup the domains webmail system to forward all email to my gmail address. There are two ways to do this.
One way is to have all mail sent to forwarded to youraddress@gmail.comThe other way is to setup a catch all account and forward all email sent to anyname to youraddress@gmail.comSo the people you reply to do not need to understand whats going on (it could be confusing to them) google allows you to select how to handle replies and how to handle new outgoing emails. You get to select what email address is the default for new outgoing emails, and what email address to use for replies.

I have my email set to reply using the same account the email was sent to, and I've picked the default email account …