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Small Bluetooth only flip-phone for Smart Phone

I wish someone would build a cheap little Bluetooth only Mobile Phone that would only work when connected to your smartphone just like ear buds work, to make it easier to make calls in the sun or places where you don't want to take your good phone.

It would look like a simple cellphone, like we had before smartphones, with buttons to dial, and a small display but it would be Bluetooth only so it would only work using the 3G plan on your Smartphone or Tablet just like your Bluetooth ear-bud does.

This device would allow you to make calls in bright sunlight or while your phone or tablet is charging. If your out on a boat or your doing something that may damage your smartphone, you set your smartphone someplace safe within 30 feet and use the Bluetooth phone.

So if you build cellphones or Bluetooth ear-buds please take this idea and build one. If you already built it, please point me to your site.

Thank you

Dell Streak 2.2 upgrade

Manually update your US Dell Streak to 2.2
NO NEED TO ROOT and NO 3rd party utilities are required.
Warning this will WIPE your phone and restore it to factory Settings

Note: Applying the update to my current build did not work, I had to follow the steps below. Writing this blog post took longer than doing the update. This update has one less step than the 1.6 to 2.1 update.

You will need
1. A windows PC.
2. Your phone & USB cable.
3. Download two Dell Streak ROM files.
4. The Dell PC Suite for the windows drivers. (comes on your phone)
5. The Android SDK for the windows fastboot command

First locate and download
1. The Dell Streak recovery ROM (It's the same for both the UK and the US)

2. The Android 2.2 upgrade package you want.
I used the official (build 12792) update package located at:

3. The Android SDK

The Android SDK
1. Unzip but do not install the Android SDK
2. Move the folder to C:\ and rena…