Five days with the Maylong M-150

For a $100 tablet when others are $300 to $700 the Maylong M-150 from was not bad. Out of the box it looks like a 7 inch iPad.

It includes a builtin MicroSD slot on the side and an adapter that adds two USB ports and a network port. I plugged in my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and was happy to find it worked great with no setup required.

The touch screen works better using your finger nail -vs- your finger tip so while things like Web browsing, Email, and Facebook work fine you may not like it for games.

The stock ROM looks and acts a bit unfinished but I found and installed a third party ROM with active support at: the downloaded link is:

The new ROM was cleaner and faster and made the Maylong look even more like a little iPad but more important and as I said the ROM has active support via tipstir see link above.

Even though the Maylong does not include the official android market, I was able to connected to the internet via wi-fi and installed several android apps via where I found apps like Facebook, Maps, and more.

Android on the Maylong makes it easy to download, install, and remove apps. It also makes it easy to wipe out and load a new ROM.

To wipe out and Install a new ROM
1. From your PC, Download and unzip a new ROM see link above.
2. Format a 2gig or larger MicroSD card.
3. Copy the script folder from the zip to the card. Staples has a MicroSD to USB adapter for about $10
1. Turn off the tablet if its on.
3. Safely eject MicroSD Card from your computer and put in the tablet.
4. Power on the Tablet.
5. You should see a screen that says "Tablet system update will commence. Plug in AC Adapter and DO NOT TURN OFF DEVICE".
6. Follow the prompts.
7. When device shuts down, turn it back on.

Its so easy I saved the ROM listed above and tried several others to see if I could find one I liked better.

Overall I liked the Maylong M-150 and was sad to return it. If it had the official android market or a better touch screen I would recommend it to anyone, but since it lacks both its not for everyone.


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