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Five days with the Maylong M-150

For a $100 tablet when others are $300 to $700 the Maylong M-150 from was not bad. Out of the box it looks like a 7 inch iPad.

It includes a builtin MicroSD slot on the side and an adapter that adds two USB ports and a network port. I plugged in my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and was happy to find it worked great with no setup required.

The touch screen works better using your finger nail -vs- your finger tip so while things like Web browsing, Email, and Facebook work fine you may not like it for games.

The stock ROM looks and acts a bit unfinished but I found and installed a third party ROM with active support at: the downloaded link is:

The new ROM was cleaner and faster and made the Maylong look even more like a little iPad but more important and as I said the ROM has active support via tipstir see link above.

Even though the Maylong …