Toilet Fill Kit - easy project

I had to replace a toilet fill kit this weekend because it would not shut off. I worried that I would make a mess and regret trying to do it myself, but it went together so easy I'm tempted to do a few more just to get rid if the old kits.

A traditional toilet kit has a big float on a stick to turn the water on and off. The one I needed to replace was newer, still a big float but it was around the fill pipe and the lever to turn off the water was not working. I already knew I do not like the traditional kits, and the one I was replacing failed, so I picked the a brand that had a different look.

It's a Korkey $10 at Home Depot and I could not believe how easy it was. No tools, things go together finger tight. The design may have a float but if so its inside. It went to gether quickly works great and my toilet is now working as good as new.


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