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Noisy Desktop Computer

Other than your PC speakers, noise in a computer comes from 2 places fans and drives.

Sometimes its a worn out fan or a wire or something laying on a fan. A bad barring may make noise sometimes but not always.

A bad drive or a disk in a floppy or CD drive can also make noise. If the noise is coming from a bad hard drive then it could make the computer run slow because the drive is working harder.

Make sure your floppy and cd drives are empty.

Using a plastic pen cap you can test to see if its a noisy fan by stopping the fans one at a time.

Normally you can stop the power supply fan from the back of the computer by poking the pointy end of the pen cap in the fan hole on the back of the computer. If the extra noise stops you found it. You will know you did it right if it sounds like you just stuck a pen cap into a fan blade.

To get to the CPU fan if your computer has one. Open the case and look for one or more fans and do the same thing you did with the power supply fan.

With the case o…

Toilet Fill Kit - easy project

I had to replace a toilet fill kit this weekend because it would not shut off. I worried that I would make a mess and regret trying to do it myself, but it went together so easy I'm tempted to do a few more just to get rid if the old kits.

A traditional toilet kit has a big float on a stick to turn the water on and off. The one I needed to replace was newer, still a big float but it was around the fill pipe and the lever to turn off the water was not working. I already knew I do not like the traditional kits, and the one I was replacing failed, so I picked the a brand that had a different look.

It's a Korkey $10 at Home Depot and I could not believe how easy it was. No tools, things go together finger tight. The design may have a float but if so its inside. It went to gether quickly works great and my toilet is now working as good as new.

Roof top Antenna with 40 channels of free Digital TV

Until Sept of 2010 my home in Florida had no TV, but it came with a roof top antenna, so I picked up one of them new fangled flat screen TV's with the digital tuners. I found a 22 inch Emerson flat screen at Walmart for $198 and plugged it into my roof top antenna.

I was very happy to find 40 clear digital TV channels. I picked the Emerson because it had good side vision (much better than many of the others) and it was under $200 and 22 inches is small but not tiny.

The digital tuner in the TV responds better than the analog to digital converter boxes I tried a year or two earlier. The channels are as clear as cable. You can look at your favorite TV Guide to see what channels are available in your area.

Updated June 2015

Now almost 5 years later I'm still using that same setup at home, so I've saved about $5000 by still having no cable.

Funny though that I just bought a 32 inch flat screen TV from Walmart for under $200 that I use at my office with my laptops as a monitor…

USB Tether

My USB android to PC tether is working flawlessly. I have not tried watching Hulu but everything I needed to do online has been easy, fast, and simple.