WiFi Hotspot goodbye cable internet

Last weekend I installed PdaNet to USB tether my Android Dell Streak to my Laptop. This weekend I've unplugged my cable modem. But the whole house is still connected to the internet because the wireless card in my Laptop has turned my standard Linksys router into a WiFi Hotspot.

It really was too easy. I just unplugged my cable modem, went into the network connections on my laptop. Right clicked on PdaNet and clicked properties. Clicked share and selected share using my wireless connection. Then I told my laptop to reconnected to my linksys router. Note my router is not doing DHCP.

I tested using my iPad, two desktop computers, an iMac, my Laptop and my Android. I watched a little Hulu, and Netflix. I did some online banking, checked my email, updated my blog. I played some internet games on the iPad, then unpluged things and went out for a while. When I got back I pluged my phone back in and played some more. I almost think its faster now than it was yesterday. I did have to restart Netflix once, and Hulu seems to work better via the browser than with Hulu Desktop, but lately Hulu and Netflix often give me trouble so I cant blame it on 3G yet.

I plan to run things as is for 30 days and then hopefully cancel my cable internet. I canceled cable TV last summer.


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