WiFi Hotspot day two

All is well with my WiFi Hotspot except for Hulu. I played "We Farm" on my iPad, read my favorite blogs, and other stuff till the wee hours of the morning and the network was great. When I got up this morning the network was still up and my wife had already been online. The Dell Streak stayed cool, no heat issues. So if you do not watch Streaming Video online this may still work for you. Sadly Hulu and Netflix online is my TV.

Last night Hulu started out a little rocky and though at times I thought it was working well, by mid afternoon today I gave in unpluged my Dell Streak and plugged my cable modem back in. To get my laptop back on my home network I also had to disable sharing on the PdaNet connection.

As for Hulu I found some settings I hoped would fix it, but no. I've been having intermittent problems with Hulu stalling a few times a week for a few months. I figured it was charter, and I still do but while trying to get Hulu working via my cellphone I found some playback settings in the Hulu Settings tab. While they did not solve my Hulu over 3G issues, I hope it may now work better over charter.

The Hulu default playback settings were "Auto" and it was at 480p. I lowered it to 360p. The problem seems to be it plays faster than the buffer can fill. At 360p the video and sound quality seems the same as far as I can tell, and now the buffer is now staying filled.

I guess I will not be saying bye bye to charter just yet, but I will keep trying. As I said if it was not for TV I could give up cable and go 3G. I can also get my house back online if my cable goes out.


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