Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer for Android is a great app because it allows you to view the signal strengths of all the wireless routers and access-points that are in range at the same time. But be careful if you forget to turn if off when your done, it may kill your battery.

There are several views to select from including ones that show both the signal strength in -db as well as bars. This is a very helpful tool if you are trying to setup or trouble shoot a wireless network.

Knowing the real strength of all the wifi routers in the area will help when trying to figure out where to place or move a router to make it work best.

With the WiFi Analyzer app there are 3 settings that will help save your battery. The first is to enable the "Exit" button on the menu, and the other two are to have the app turn WiFi ON when the app loads and OFF when the app exits.

Not having apps like this one is one things I do not like about the Apple iPad. It's not that the iPad can't run this kind of app, it's that Apple will not allow this kind of app in the Apple Store.


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