Dell Streak a 5” Tablet & Smartphone

My Dell Streak arrived today. It was hard but I took it out of the box, plugged it in and walked away till it was fully charged. Then while it was still plugged in I started setting it up, and installing a couple of apps. Later that night I started playing with it.

The first time I held it to my face to answer a phone call I truely realized how large it was. But at 5 inches it's still smaller than a few cell phones I've had in the past. The screen is large, but at times I still wish it was larger.

I installed the basics. Advanced Task Killer, Wifi Analyzer, Our Groceries, Google Voice, Facebook, TweetCaster, IMDb, Barcode Scanner, setup Gmail, setup my work email using the Android email client, and put a shortcut to Navigation on the home screen.

Now I will play with Dells stock AT&T version of Android 1.6 till the weekend. So far everything works just as I remembered with my HTC Aria, the Dell UI is a little different, but its all good.

My plans for the weekend if everything works out, includes downloading the Dell Streak O2 image, and the 2.1 upgrade image. Then load the O2 image, apply the 2.1 upgrade, I think I have to root the phone at some point to do this and start over installing and setting up the phone with my apps.

The O2 image will get rid of some AT&T crap and 2.1 is just better than 1.6 not that I have any issues at this point. Then to my list I plan to ad PDAnet and hopefully relax a bit.


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