Cellphone Data Plan

Having a phone with a real Gmail app has made a big difference in my life this past year. I do computer support for a school district, and it seems I'm always in the wrong school when things break. We have a lot of 3G dead spots in the school district so I needed a phone with a real email app so my email could download as I move around.

A year ago I bought a Blackberry 8820, I wanted the Dell Streak but it had not been released yet. I'm still waiting. I have to say the Blackberry did the job well. I still want a Dell Streak because I want a bigger screen, a larger keyboard and more apps. But if I had to choose between a Blackberry or an Apple I would still pick the Blackberry.

I setup the blackberry mail app to download my work email and I used the gmail app for everything else. I love how google sync keeps my contacts and calendars up to date. I never had to install the Blackberry software on my computer. Its all gmail, and I love it. My next phone has to live up to the standard that Blackberry set.

Having a phone with a Data Plan at home has also made a big difference also. Before I would get home, turn on my computer and check my email. It seemed that it does not matter how much or little email I had it took at least and hour or more before I turned it off and walked away, and it seemed I was checking email a lot.

Now I almost never use my home computer and when I do its because I knew there was something I needed to look at that required a larger screen or a printer.

Unless things in my life changed I cant see going back to life before a cellphone with a data plan. I'm actually hoping that when I get my next phone it will be an Android Dell Streak and that I will find a way to cancel my home internet service.


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