Bluetooth Home Phone System

Back in June I picked up an at&t TL92270 Dual Handset Bluetooth Answering System at Walmart, for my house in Florida. Yesterday I picked up another one for my house in Massachusetts.

The bluetooth phone system works with any standard Bluetooth cellphone. The cellphone must be within about 30 feet of the base unit. You can connect two cellphones to the system. The equipment cost is about $80.

I got it so I could walk around the house while my cellphone is tethered to my laptop. It is also great for people who only get a signal in one spot of there home or office.

I love it because it's easy and it works good, but it does requires just a little more thought to use than a normal home phone, so it may not be good for everyone.

You must make sure the cellphone is within 30 feet of the base, and you must look at the bluetooth light on the base unit to make sure your cellphone is connected before you walk away. If it is not connected, you must push a couple of button on the cellphone to connect just like you would if your Bluetooth ear bud did not connect.


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