Apple iPad Case

So far I feel Apple's stock iPad case is only great for carrying it around. I do not like it at all when I'm using the iPad. So last night and this morning I found and ordered two iPad cases, a USB charging cable, and a stylus. The links for what I bought are at the bottom.

I've tried to use the iPad a lot over the past couple of weeks to fully understand what it does well and what it does not. I've found that as I jump between sites and apps I tend to turn it a lot because I can and because some apps and sites work better that way. I've found that I often prefer to hold the iPad like a book not on my lap and I only set it on a table or desk between using it.

The Bumper case comes in FlipCam yellow!! but I ordered the Gray one to match my bike. I also ordered a snap on case, a USB charging cable so I can charge the iPad from my PC, and a stylus.

I'm hoping the stylus will help me get more words in the note apps, and I think I will prefer the feel of Bumper Case but the Snap in Case may be able to snap on over the screen to transport and on the back for use.

There are a lot of other iPad cases and stuff on and on amazon. I would love to buy a dozen more but since its my money I did not. All the cases on boxwave are over $20 but amazon has cases for $8 plus shipping.

The reviews said many of the cheap cases were OK but not a snug fit. That may not matter in a classroom. If I was going to order more just to try a cheap case my next choice would be the $8 skin design. I liked the look of the $8 skin over the $8 wrap you can see both at


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