Home Theater

All most a year ago today, I canceled my cable TV, stopped going to the movies and bought a Viewsonic PJD5111 DLP Projector The projector, Drop Ceiling Mounting Kit, and almost all the cables I would need came in a little $600 neat bundle. I had allready finished my basement so the drop ceiling mounting kit was a snap. For my screen I use a simple 8x8 wall. Nothing more than two sheets of drywall, some drywall tape to hide the joints, and some joint compound to cover the tape. Then painted with a flat white drywall primer and thats it. It is the best TV I've ever had I and question why anyone would want a little 55 inch flat screen when for $600 your screen is as big as the wall you can shine it on.

I have the projector plugged into three devices. A five year windows PC running vista for Hulu, Netflix, and web browsing. A a TIVO for channels 2 - 20, and a DVD player also for Netflix. 89% of what we watch is on Hulu, I only have Netflix and the TIVO to fill the gaps. We watch nothing on live TV, and the money I've saved on no movies and no cable TV has more than paid for the projector and Netflix. If I had to I would do it again before I would go back to watching a normal TV or paying for cable.

Now every night is like going to the movies. I use regular PC speakers on the PC and DVD player, and an old stereo for the TIVO. I was able to program the TIVO to run the stereo, the PC controls the sound for Hulu and Netflix, and we just blast the DVD player. Since I stopped going to the movies a year ago, I find lots of movies on Netflix that I have not seen, and every time I hear of a TV show or Movie I add it to my Netflix or Hulu que. Hulu and Netflix are easy to watch online using your web browser. I also bought a 2.4Ghz wireless keyboard and mouse so I can operate the PC from my recliner.


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