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Home Theater

All most a year ago today, I canceled my cable TV, stopped going to the movies and bought a Viewsonic PJD5111 DLP Projector The projector, Drop Ceiling Mounting Kit, and almost all the cables I would need came in a little $600 neat bundle. I had allready finished my basement so the drop ceiling mounting kit was a snap. For my screen I use a simple 8x8 wall. Nothing more than two sheets of drywall, some drywall tape to hide the joints, and some joint compound to cover the tape. Then painted with a flat white drywall primer and thats it. It is the best TV I've ever had I and question why anyone would want a little 55 inch flat screen when for $600 your screen is as big as the wall you can shine it on.

I have the projector plugged into three devices. A five year windows PC running vista for Hulu, Netflix, and web browsing. A a TIVO for channels 2 - 20, and a DVD player also for Netflix. 89% of what we watch is on Hulu, I only have Netflix and the TIVO to fill the gaps. We watch noth…