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Welcome to my Wooden Pages registered in 1998 normally gets just under 1000 new visitors every day.

I picked the name because my initials are DFB and .com was already taken, and .net was available.

I first registered in 1998, the internet was new to most of us, we did not use it for much of anything work related yet. The internet was slow, and unreliable. At that time, most people used email accounts provided by our internet service providers, and email was still just a toy really. Internet both at home, and at work for most of us was dial-up internet. I registered because I felt I needed a better option. I had moved a few times, or just changed dial-up providers, I cant really remember the details, but within 12 months the email address I had used to contact friends, coworkers, and family was lost to me 3 or more times within a 12 month period. So, I figured there had to be a better way to. I decided that we should all have a permanent address, that would not change unless we deliberate…